About us

At GH Global our goal is simple, to bring the best golf brands from around the globe to you, and to make this your one stop shop where you can find everything you were missing.

GH Global was established when two families came together and decided to import and distribute Premium Golf Brands from around the globe, right here in South Africa. Our passion for golf started long ago when the need to play far outweighed the means to play. Not having a proper golf bag to hold your clubs was no issue, as long as your laundry bag was big enough. All the way through to that first time when the son outdrives the dad, and the dad doesn’t know whether to be proud or feel defeated. And now, many years and many mulligans later, the family even has a pro golfer in our midst. We might not know for sure what the future holds, but one thing is for certain, our passion for golf will never fade.

When we started the company, we set out with a vision to provide exclusive golf products to the South African Market with premium service and customer experience. To ensure that we not only make these products easily available to you, but that we only provide the best of the best brands, on and off the golf course.

Currently we are the exclusive distributor of Lyle & Scott in South Africa, and there is much more in store. Our aim is to not only bring in more of your favourite brands, but to establish these brands in South Africa, and eventually expand our distributions to Mauritius and other growing markets in Africa. To have a presence in the market that has every customer excited to see what’s next.

We are devoted to enhancing our customers’ lifestyle, but we also want to ensure we do so in the most sustainable way possible. In a world where it is not only becoming increasingly important but also very evident that there is a need to be more sustainable, we are very committed to do our part. It is for this very reason that we choose only to work with brands that hold the same values.

Meet the team

Bennie Hendricks

Bennie Hendricks joined Life Health Foods in early 2008 as General Manager for New Zealand and has led significant business growth for the company including international expansion, which now encompasses operations in Australia, UK, China, India and the US. Since December 2013 Bennie has held the position of Executive General Manager – Life Health Foods International for Sanitarium Health Food Company.

Bennie began his career working for international audit & accounting firm PWC, where he obtained a strong background in finance. After completing a six year stint at Barclays Bank where he ended as Head of Finance for the Corporate & Merchant Bank, he started at Bokomo Foods as a Financial Manager in 1996. In 1998 he rose to the position of Managing Director, a position he filled for 10 years before departing for Life Health Foods in 2008. He currently serves on a number of boards across Australasia, UK, India and the US and chairs some of them.

He holds a B.Comm Hons degree in Accounting & Auditing, is a member of the Australia & New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants as well as the South Africa Institute of Chartered Accountants, and more recently completed the Senior Executive Program at the London Business School.

Bernard Germishuys

Bernard Germishuys qualified as a Chartered Accountant (SA) in 1989. He has been in Public Practice since 1991, in the firm he founded – Germishuys Zandstra Inc. With over 30 years of experience in the audit & accounting industry, and having worked with a multitude of different clients from various industries, Bernard boasts an impressive financial background.

He started the company Germishuys Zandstra Inc himself, and built the business from the ground up. Over the last 30 years Bernard has taken the company from a family run start up, to a large firm – employing several staff and providing services to a long list of clients. The company provides auditing and many other financial services to a range of clients across South Africa.

Bernard completed his BAcc at Stellenbosch University and holds a B Compt Hons degree from Unisa.

Benjamen Hendricks

Benjamen Hendricks has over 5 years of experience in the business advisory sector providing comprehensive accounting and business advisory services to a variety of clients in a range of industries. He started his career at William Buck in New Zealand, before moving to the UK at the start of this year. Benjamen has now left Private Practice and turned his focus towards the Marketing Industry. He currently holds the position of Financial Controller at Spreckley Partners, a Marketing and PR company.

He completed his BComm at the University of Auckland and is currently working towards completing his Chartered Accountancy qualification.

Johann Germishuys

Johann Germishuys has worked in the golf industry for more than 7 years. He started his career with Sports Marketing for TaylorMade & Adidas Golf South Africa, before taking the role as Retail Manager at the Pearl Valley Golf Club on the Val de Vie Estate. Not only has Johann worked in both the sales and marketing industries, but he has built his career around the sport of golf. Johann is heavily involved with many of the sporting bodies in Western Cape and Johannesburg.

Through his years of playing high-level amateur golf in South Africa, as well as working in the golf industry, Johann has built close relationships and made valuable connections both on and off the golf course. In particular, he has built close connections with the management and staff of most of the golf courses across the country. This is the cornerstone of GH Global and our biggest asset, which would not be possible without Johann.